Federal Government has no right to appoint Somaliland poll committee- speaker Hashi


Upper House Speaker Abdi Hashi has protested the decision by the National Consultative Council to authorise the Federal Government to appoint an elections committee for Somaliland.

In a letter addressed to the President and Prime Minister, Hashi said allowing the Federal Government to appoint the committee will compromise the independence of the electoral process for Somaliland.

Hashi who hails from Somaliland said Somaliland should be allowed to appoint its own committee just as Federal Member States (FMS) do.

“The government does not have the right to appoint a committee for Somaliland as it does not appoint committee members from the federal member states,” said Hashi.

The NCF which comprises of the Federal Government leadership and presidents of the FMS resolved in their meeting in Mogadishu last month to allow Mogadishu to appoint the committee which shall conduct elections for MPs and Senators representing Somaliland clans in the Federal Parliament.

The State Level Elections Committees, the NCF decided, will be appointed by the respective Federal Member States.

The Committee at state level will work together with the Federal Elections Committee to conduct the elections set to kick off from next month.


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