Eight Regional MPs Stripped Of Impunity For Going Against Standing Orders


Eight lawmakers in the Puntland parliament have been removed from their parliamentary immunity on Thursday.

According to the speaker, the lawmakers have gone against the house’s standing orders and procedures that prompted the impunity loss.

During the session in Garowe early in the morning, 35 legislators out of 38 present voted in favour of the motion, 2 opposed and one abstained from voting.

The names of the MPs are as follows:

Abdijamaal Osman Mohamed

2. Abdiqani Abshir Surato

3. Muse Said Hassan (Jajabsay)

4. Abdiaziz Salad Ga’may (Baduugaye)

5. Mohamud Mohamed Barre

6. Suleiman Farah Isse.


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